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Deep ocean - velvet - mermaid
deep ocean - velvet - mermaid
Rental: 864,000L.L. | Retail: 2,880,000L.L.
georges zaarour
"raspberry" - long - off shoulder - a line
Rental: 1,248,000L.L. | Retail: 9,600,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"chameleon charm" - short - v cut - tight
Rental: 800,000L.L. | Retail: 4,800,000L.L.
martina claire
"georgina" - long - heart shaped - mermaid cut
Rental: 1,500,000L.L. | Retail: 27,200,000L.L.
la bourgoisie
"fiona" - long - v cut - straight cut
Rental: 2,800,000L.L. | Retail: 25,600,000L.L.
“Christelle” DRESS
samira mattar
“christelle” dress
Rental: 1,500,000L.L. | Retail: 12,480,000L.L.
mr design
"blue pleats" - long - cape - flowy
Rental: 800,000L.L. | Retail: 3,840,000L.L.
maison geyanna
“hail the queen” - long - cape - mermaid
Rental: 1,536,000L.L. | Retail: 16,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"golden empress"- long - v cut - princess cut
Rental: 1,216,000L.L. | Retail: 16,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"golden sunrise " long - v cut - princes cut
Rental: 960,000L.L. | Retail: 6,400,000L.L.
mirna jawhari
"the bellina dress" - midi - v cut - a line
Rental: 1,024,000L.L. | Retail: 5,120,000L.L.
custom made
"lavender bliss" - long - simple- off shoulder
Rental: 704,000L.L. | Retail: 2,240,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"flower dust" - long - one shoulder - a line
Rental: 1,440,000L.L. | Retail: 12,800,000L.L.
fadel jaber
"sierra" - long - v cut - mermaid cut
Rental: 704,000L.L. | Retail: 2,560,000L.L.
sara kassem
"esmeralda" - long - v cut - a line
Rental: 1,888,000L.L. | Retail: 12,480,000L.L.
sara kassem
"hot red" - short - square cut - puffy
Rental: 1,248,000L.L. | Retail: 9,440,000L.L.
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