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elie bejjani
"golden sunrise " long - v cut - princes cut
Rental: 3,000,000L.L. | Retail: 20,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"hayley" - long - high neck - a line
Rental: 3,750,000L.L. | Retail: 24,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"marie-naya'' - long - high neck - mermaid
Rental: 2,812,500L.L. | Retail: 20,000,000L.L.
Green Fierce - princess - ruffles
elie bejjani
green fierce - princess - ruffles
Rental: 4,200,000L.L. | Retail: 15,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"nora" - long - corset - tight
Rental: 2,900,000L.L. | Retail: 18,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"golden magic" - long - v cut - a line
Rental: 3,400,000L.L. | Retail: 15,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"minty" - short - sleeves - a line
Rental: 2,200,000L.L. | Retail: 5,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"alma'' - long - v cut - princess cut
Rental: 3,800,000L.L. | Retail: 50,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"plush" - long - crossed halter - a line
Rental: 2,906,300L.L. | Retail: 25,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"demi" - long - sweetheart- a line
Rental: 3,500,000L.L. | Retail: 35,000,000L.L.
“Green desire” - cutouts - A-line
elie bejjani
“green desire” - cutouts - a-line
Rental: 4,000,000L.L. | Retail: 12,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"dream catcher" - long - x halter - princess cut
Rental: 4,500,000L.L. | Retail: 30,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"aqua love" - long 0 one shoulder - a line
Rental: 3,906,300L.L. | Retail: 20,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"randy" - long - v cut - mermaid cut
Rental: 3,700,000L.L. | Retail: 25,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
"pinky promise" - long - v cut - flowy
Rental: 3,900,000L.L. | Retail: 30,000,000L.L.
elie bejjani
drops of ice - flowy - tulle
Rental: 3,437,500L.L. | Retail: 20,000,000L.L.
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