About Us

Your dream dress is now just a rental away! The Hour Dress is your guide to the biggest designer rental platform- where you could style with as many designer looks you’d want without actually purchasing any of them! Not only can you rent a dress at THD but you can also put yours for rent as well.

Mission & Vision

Since launching in 2015, the THD brand has developed a distinctive line in the high-end designer rental industry. Located in the heart of Beirut- a city that speaks elegance and fashion so fluently- The Hour Dress aspires to offer the best local designer dresses and intentional brands as well.

How We Do It

The Hour Dress serves as a link between your dream dress and your favorite designer/brand. With a collection that combines both evening and bridal gowns, clients are offered a wide spectrum of options that could suit any dress code for any event!

What Makes Us Different

At THD, we believe that every woman deserves a “red carpet” moment. This process requires that our collection of dresses be thoroughly selected by our team of fashion designers and stylists in order to insure that every client feels unique and feminine.


The concept of the shop was founded by owner Olivia Mezher- an architect with a vision in fashion. Searching for a high-end dress to wear to a one-hour event, she opted for a rental approach. However, not succeeding in finding any rental dress shop in Lebanon, Mezher decided to open her own shop to help women look their best with as many looks possible without having to purchase a single outfit. THD became the first rental designer shop in Lebanon.

Olivia Hassoun

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